Selection Procedure

The MUST SEE ’EMS Program Coordinator will review each entry before the judging begins. Once the entry has been determined to be complete, it will be uploaded into the online balloting system.

After the Call for Entries has closed and all members of the Selection Committee have been contacted, these judges will have at least three (3) weeks to evaluate each entry.  Based on their specific area(s) of expertise, the judges are not required to vote on every entry; they may complete as few or as many ballots as they wish.  Scores are averaged for each entry, so entries receiving a lower number of evaluations are not penalized.  (Typically, each entry is judged by approximately two-thirds of the Selection Committee.)

Members of the Selection Committee review each entry form and any supporting documents, then cast five separate votes (on a scale of zero to four), rating the entry according to the following criteria:

  • 1.  Innovation: This entry appears to feature one or more significant innovations that could potentially reshape this category.
  • 2.  Ease of Use: This product should provide enhanced ease-of-use as compared to what is considered "typical" for this category.
  • 3.  Throughput: This product should provide significantly improved throughput compared to other competitors in the same class / price range.
  • 4.  Competitive Advantage: Companies that implement this product will likely enjoy a significant business advantage compared to other print providers in their sales region.
  • 5.  Overall: This product is deserving of MUST SEE ’EMS recognition.

An average of the first four scores is added to the fifth ("Overall") score, leading to a maximum score of eight.  (Historically, most winning entries have obtained a score of 5.66 or higher.)

These scores are reviewed by the Program Coordinator, who selects the top-scoring entries in each category to receive MUST SEE ’EMS recognition. The highest-scoring winner from each category automatically receives the “Best of Category” award.

Legacy Award Selection

The Legacy Award was created to recognize "game-changing" past MUST SEE ’EMS winners. As all past winners are automatically entered into consideration, nominations are not accepted for this award. The Selection Committee votes for the most influential past MUST SEE ’EMS winners in a two-stage process; the first round of voting narrows the field to the top 5 contenders, followed by a second round of voting to select the winner.

Interested in Entering Your Product?

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