Contest Rules

  • ●  Only vendors that have reserved booth space at the show are eligible to enter; companies whose products will only be shown in another vendor’s booth are not eligible.  Publicists may enter products on behalf of an exhibitor.
  • ●  To qualify for entry, the product must be “shown” at the show.  For large equipment, photos and/or videos are an acceptable alternative to the product’s physical presence.
  • ●  All products entered in the MUST SEE ’EMS contest must be “new” since the last show. After a product has been judged, that same product cannot be entered again unless it has undergone an update or revision.
  • ●  Each entry must be accompanied by a non-refundable $250 entry fee (payable by check or credit card).
  • ●  The Selection Committee’s judgment and announced results are final.

The Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC), the OUTLOOK Conference and its sponsors, the Program Coordinator and individual members of the Selection Committee are not liable for any damages as a result of the commission or omission of any action, actual or consequential, arising out of the conduct of this program.


In March of each year the competition announces the date when new online entries will be accepted at Submissions will be accepted for at least six weeks. Prospective booth buyers and all exhibitors in the show will be notified via email before the contest is closed.

After the Call for Entries has been issued, entries may be submitted online.

  • ●  Exhibitors may enter as many different products as they wish, with each product entered separately and accompanied by a non-refundable $250 entry fee.
  • ●  During the online submission process, entrants will be prompted to create a password that will allow them to enter some information on the first log-in, then return later to complete or update the entry form. Exhibitors who submit multiple entries must create a unique password for each entry.
  • ●  Entrants must select a category for each product submission.
  • ●  On the entry form, exhibitors will be asked to describe their submission and state why their entry “deserves to be a MUST SEE ’EM” (limit 250 words).
  • ●  After the entry form has been successfully submitted, the entrant will receive a confirmation email with an upload link to provide supporting documents (PDFs, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) for review by the Selection Committee.

The MUST SEE ’EMS Program Coordinator will review each entry before judging begins.  If additional information or clarification is requested by the Program Coordinator, entrants must respond within seven (7) calendar days.  Failure to do so may result in the entry’s elimination from further consideration.

MUST SEE ’EMS winners will be announced in a press release approximately six (6) weeks before the show.  All entrants will be notified of their entry’s status the day before the press release is issued.

Announcements of the Best of Category winners and the Legacy Award winner will occur at the pre-show OUTLOOK Conference; all companies who have submitted entries are invited to attend.

Interested in Entering Your Product?

Please download our Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.