Only products that will be “shown” at the show are eligible for entry.  (For large equipment, photos and/or videos are an acceptable alternative to the product’s physical presence.)

All products entered in the MUST SEE ’EMS contest must be “new” since the last show.  After a product has been judged, that same product cannot be entered again unless it has undergone an update or revision.

Only vendors that have reserved booth space at the show are eligible to enter.  Companies whose products will only be shown in another vendor’s booth are not eligible.


To help show attendees sort through the diverse list of MUST SEE ’EMS, the awards are categorized into these 11 production areas:

  • ●  Sales and Order Entry
    Software systems used by salespersons and Customer Service Representatives, as well as web-to-print systems
  • ●  Prepress and Premedia
    Software and hardware used to produce primarily “static” press-ready data or non-print digital products
  • ●  Color Management and Quality Control
    Software and hardware used to measure or control color, or to inspect quality
  • ●  Variable, Transactional and Multi-Channel
    Systems used to produce personalized print or transactional output, or to coordinate campaigns across print and non-print communication channels
  • ●  Pressroom: Analog Presses
    Traditional printing presses, feeders, and delivery systems plus related consumables (including inks, plates, press chemistry and substrates)
  • ●  Pressroom: Digital Presses
    Toner and inkjet printing presses (less than 36 inches in width) and related consumables
  • ●  Pressroom: Wide-Format
    Inkjet and toner output devices (36 inches and wider) and related consumables
  • ●  Postpress and In-line Finishing
    Systems for cutting, folding, binding and other finishing functions
  • ●  Imprinting, Mailing, Shipping and Fulfillment
    Specialized printing and imprinting systems, software and finishing equipment
  • ●  Management Systems
    Software used for estimating, costing, JDF connectivity and plant management
  • ●  The Future of Print: Technology Demonstrations
    New and unusual hardware and software, including processes that are not yet fully commercialized


Interested in Entering Your Product?

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